Exploring Trails in the Copper Canyon

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Articles, Stories, and Rants:
   Love it to Death: Growing Pains in Copper Canyon
   Driving from Tucson
   Waves of Natives: Brief History of the Sierra Tarahumara
   Hiking to Urique's Ultramarathon
   Tejeban: Corazon de las Barrancas
   New Routes off the Urique
   Hiking Primer- Avoiding Mishaps
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   More Hiking Opportunities (if you don't hire us, hire a serrano):
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Climbing El Gigante:
   (pdf)El Gigante-Buil-AAJ-1999
   (pdf)El Gigante-Glowacz-AAJ-2002
   (pdf)Logical Dilemma-Huber-AAJ-2003
   (pdf)Man on Fire-Cailin-AAJ-2004)
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