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Exploring Trails in the Copper Canyon

Experience a 6-day Walking Tour from Divisadero to Urique

Scroll down for Backpacking details and itinerary

Enjoy a 50 mile/80 Km Burro-supported Trek along the High Mesas carrying only a daypack

Attend the 18th Caballo Blanco Ultramarathon on Sunday, March 1, 2020!
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10 Day Trip From Los Mochis (Airport pickup, 4 nights Hotel/guesthouse, 5 nights Camping, First Class Train-roundtrip, transfers & meals)
  • 1 Person $5500.00 USD
  • 2 Guests: $3200.00 per person, double occupancy
  • 3 Guests: $3000.00 per person, triple occupancy
  • 4 Guests: $2600.00 pp/do
  • 6 Guests: $2500.00 pp/do
  • 8 Guests: $2400.00 pp/do
8 Day Trip: Rim Rendezvous (2 nights Hotel/guesthouse, 5 nights Camping); and Bus back to Posada Barrancas (Trailhead). . . from $16000 pp/do
  • 1 Person: $4500.00 USD
  • 2 Guests: $2300.00 per person, double occupancy
  • 3 Guests: $2200.00 per person, triple occupancy
  • 4 Guests: $1800.00 pp/do
  • 6 Guests: $1700.00 pp/do
  • 8 Guests: $1600.00 pp/do

To BOOK THIS TRIP, call or email with your request and we will send an invoice from PayPal. Options: Four Night Single hotel room/tent supplement: $300. Copper Canyon Trails donates 10% of sales to local nonprofits Friends of the Running People: Norawas and Alianza Sierra Madre in the spirit of korima, to support the original mission of Micah True and the Caballo Blanco Ultramarathon. Options: Upgrade from Guesthouse to Hotel. Upgrade Hotel to Room with Canyon Views. Add a day in Urique. Consider adding a day in Creel (Ejido San Ignacio, Cascada Cusarare, Cascada Basaseachi) or Divisadero (for local dayhikes or Parque Adventura Tarahumara ziplines/cablecar/via ferrata). Scroll Down For Backpack Itinerary

10-Day Package (8-Day Burro-supported Hike) Itinerary

*Backpack* Itinerary:
$1400 per person
Day 1: Meet at Posada Barrancas /Divisadero. Sunset canyon-rim hike (3-4 km) Day 2: Mesa campsite
elevation gain/loss: +/- 1200 ft, 14 miles, 9 hours. Camp on a high mesa
Day 3: Village
elevation gain/loss: +/- 1000 ft, 10 miles, 8 hours. Camp at the edge of a Tarahumaran village
Day 4: Rancho
elevation gain/loss: +/- 900 ft, 6 miles, 7 hours. Visit Jesuit mission. Camp at the canyon rim
Day 5: Village
elevation gain/loss: +400/- 3000 ft (+200m/-1000m), 8 miles, 8 hours. Camp/homestay in El Naranjo village.
Day 6: Unique
elevation loss: - 2000 ft, 11 miles, 9 hours, Campground in Urique.
Day 7: Urique
elevation loss: NO Loss, NO Gain. Campground in Urique.
Day 8: Public Bus to Posada Barrancas departs at 8:00am. (Optional Rim Departure at Bahuichivo by CHEPE train to El Fuerte, transfer to Hotel.)
** optional return to Los Mochis by train from Bahuichivo***
Day 9: Bus or Fly Home

Jesuits established missions throughout the Copper Canyon.
Jesuits established missions throughout the Copper Canyon. Fearing lack of fealty, they were recalled by the Spanish King in 1767

9-Day Backpack Itinerary: Meet at Rim

We've hiked this route for the last few years, and it's such a great route; and Urique is such a fun town, that we thought we'd offer it to anybody who would rather walk than run. As with our other trips, it starts at the CHEPE train stop in Divisadero. This itinerary is not a loop however, and finishes by leaving on public buses from Urique for the CHEPE stop at Bahuichivo and onward to Divisadero. Compare to 9-day Rio Urique with burros, or 10-day FLOATPACK. Pack light (45 pounds/20 kilos maximum) -all gear goes with us to Urique.

Copper Canyon Trails, LLC ― ― Tucson, AZ 85745 ― Phone: 520-324-0209