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Exploring Trails in the Copper Canyon

Pamachi "East Rim" Hike as featured in BACKPACKER JAN 2009

A Classic Copper Canyon "Rim to Rim to Rim"

6 Days hiking along steep centuries-old Tarahumaran trails past ranchos, ruins, and rock formations.

35 miles at a comfortable pace with nightly camps and breaks at natural water sources.

20,000 ft elevation change with the low point at the Rio Urique at 2500 feet above sea level (760msnm).

$1299 per person/double occupancy

Departures (October through March) scheduled upon Request: Call or e-mail!

Read the article from Backpacker magazine. Download the gearlist (pdf) or itinerary (pdf)

To BOOK THIS TRIP, call or email with your request and we will send an invoice from PayPal. Hikes include first and last night in local guesthouse, and all meals. All Backpacks Weather Permitting. Rain will change the itinerary if river crossings are necessary! Minimum 3 people. UPGRADE to All-Inclusive Package from Los Mochis Airport, with Roundtrip First Class Copper Canyon Train ChePe (up and back), 2 Nights in El Fuerte (first and last) and all transfers and meals. Package adds $400.00 per person. (If flying, consider a FULL day in El Fuerte- 2 consecutive nights). Upgrade Guesthouse to Mansion Tarahumara Hotel Room with Canyon Views add $250.00 per room per night (max of 4 people). Transportation to and from the canyon rim rendezvous is at your expense, and on your own itinerary. It's a long way to go, so call for itinerary recommendations. Consider adding a day in Creel (Ejido San Ignacio, Cascada Cusarare, Cascada Basaseachi) or Divisadero (for local dayhikes or Parque Adventura Tarahumara ziplines/cablecar/via ferrata).

6-Day Backpack Itinerary

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