Our Trek

Our trek through the Sierras of Sonora and Chihuahua is multifold. We hope to raise awareness of the indigenous culture of the region. We hope to highlight various people we meet who endeavor to make a living in a fledging tourism industry. This region is a wonderful location for multiday adventures including horsebackriding, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, and birding. There are also peaceful secluded ranches for those seeking solitude, for reflection or meditation. Many of the locals are still aware of the botanical uses of their plants, a skill rapidly disappearing or being replaced by untested patented concoctions. We're aware of the violence in the region, but spending a lot of time there already, we're more aware of the disproportionate reporting of that violence, and of the detrimental effect it has on the inhabitants. Currently, the main sources of employment are mining, lumber and contraband; but there are trout farms, and furniture makers, and cheese production in the most secluded places.

Your Support

You can become involved in this ambitious hike by making a donation. We hope to GPS our route and have various opportunities to blog our progress so our sponsors can stay engaged in our effort. We also would like to take advantage of locals who may be able to pack our gear on horseback for various legs of the journey, but we won't know about those people until we meet them.


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Escorted Hikes and Burro Expeditions in Mexico's Copper Canyon